The power of one: perhaps the most surprising aspect of nature is the power of one. Each living species has a key role in nature. As such, each of us can help save our NATURE. Mother Nature needs your support through Association Djibouti Nature.

Add your voice and take immediate action to protect nature and improve people livelihoods by sharing the vision and mission of Association Djibouti Nature and becoming a member. By uniting and harmonizing our efforts and actions, we can make a big difference.

Annual dues and / or donations can be paid through the following bank account:

  • Account Name: Association Djibouti Nature
  • Account Number:  0010101415026200174
  • IBAN Code: 10003 0010101415026200174 DJF
  • Bank Name: Banque pour le Commerce et l’Industrie / BCI-Mer Rouge/
  • Adresse: 11, Place Lagarde, B.P 2122 Djibouti
  • Tel: +253 2135 0857 / 2131 3000
  • Fax: +253 2135 4260
  • Swift Code:  BCIMDJJXXXX
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