Association Djibouti Nature (ADN) undertakes work in the following issues to achieve its strategic objectives:

  1. Capacity Development to increase Association Djibouti Nature’s human resource capacity and capability; to develop its organisational structure; and to achieve a high level of financial transparency.
  2. Environmental Education & awareness raising to increase the number of children, young people and adults who understand the threats to the wildlife of Djibouti and are motivated to take action to help.
  3. Migratory species to reduce the threats to migrate bird species in Djibouti by participating in international projects and conducting research.
  4. Endangered Species to reduce the threats to endangered species in Djibouti through research, conservation action and raising awareness.
  5. Invasive species to reduce the threats to native species, through research and conservation action.
  6. Protecting sites, including Forests to increase protection for important sites for nature in Djibouti.
  7. Tourism to improve protection of threatened species and sites in Djibouti by encouraging responsible eco-tourism.
  8. Marine to conserve and improve the marine environment off Djibouti through research and advocacy.
  9. Hazardous materials to reduce the risks to marine and terrestrial species from deliberate or accidental poisoning. This objective will be met through other areas of ADN’s work.
  10. Climate Change to consider the likely effects of climate change on important sites and species and plan how best to mitigate and/or adapt for the impacts.


Association Djibouti Nature will prioritize the issues and strategic objectives for actions as guided by resources and time constraints.