Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas identified for Djibouti consisting 11 sites and cover all the key habitat types in the country. Six (6) of them are by law declared as protected areas (gazetted as terrestrial and marine protected areas). IBAs include two (2) small forested areas, the only remaining woodlands in the country; four (4) wetlands: one (1) inland, two (2) marines and one (1) coastal sites), five (5) semi-arid and arid areas non-declared protected areas yet. Only seven (7) of them are assessed and have been included in the Important Bird Areas of Africa and Associated Islands. See the list of Djibouti’s Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas.

  1. Ali-Sabieh/Assamo
  2. Allol/Madgoul
  3. Goba’ad plain
  4. Goda Massif/Forêt du Day
  5. Godoria/Doumeira
  6. Hanlé/Galafi Plain
  7. Haramous/Loyada
  8. Iles Musha/Maskali
  9. Iles de Sept-Frères
  10. Lac Abhé
  11. Mabla Massif